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Book bar opening soon in Paris || The Blind Pig, serving wine, coffee and food



A new book bar is set to open within the next couple months downtown in Paris.

The Blind Pig, at 129 S. Main Street next to Olive Paris, hopes to be the perfect place to shop and unwind, said owner Christy Burns. It is a modern-day speakeasy with business in the front and party in the back, she said.


“The Blind Pig is a unique take on a restaurant,” she said. “We can be described as a modern day speakeasy, a library restaurant, or a book bar – your choice. What we offer is good wine, good food, good books and good times. We also offer a unique assortment of handmade and local made goods that are always a perfect gift to self or others.”

Burns said she hopes people who frequent the establishment can grab a cup of artisan coffee or a glass of wine and peruse the shop up front. The shop will feature things such as book and local wares.

“If you have a rumble in your belly then move on back to the speakeasy where you can enjoy amazing food that can be perfectly paired with our wines,” she said. “Sit a while. Read. Enjoy the free wi-fi. And relax in our homey atmosphere.”

Burns said this business is a dream come true as she has always wanted a place she could go and enjoy some food, conversation, wine and a book.

“Nowhere could I find this whole package – so I created it,” she said. “My hope is for you to find a place where you can relax and unwind from your daily grind. A place that feels homey. The Blind Pig is very special to me and I hope that it becomes special to you too.”

The Blind Pig is a slang term used in the 1920s during the Prohibition era to refer to a speakeasy.

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